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Equipment Fitting

Dynamic Fitting Software
Swing Labs offers its web-based companion software for the industry’s leading launch monitors. Based upon dynamic testing using both robots & golfers, and utilizing Golf Lab’s more than 20 years of experience as an independent testing & research company, Swing Labs is able to provide launch data analysis & equipment recommendations from the top golf equipment on the market. Integrating Swing Labs into your current fitting process is easy and will enhance the overall staff & consumer experience while providing numerous benefits to your fitting business. Swing Labs software enhances the power of your launch monitor device and provides you with a fitting SOLUTION!

Club Compare
Simply select up to three clubs to compare using Swing Labs’ menuing system. The software will analyze launch data parameters for you, and display performance characteristics highlighting strengths and weaknesses of each club.

Standard Fit
Select a stock Control Club from your inventory and hit shots. Swing Labs will analyze the launch data and provide stock club recommendations of clubs. Changes in club model design, dorgiveness, loft, and stock shaft specifications are geared toward optimizing the performance of the golfer.

Advanced Fit
Advanced fitting modules offer recommendations of club model, loft, shaft model and flex to optimize the golfer’s ball flight. Detailed analysis of launch data will identify which equipment performs within optimal ranges. The software will sort clubs according to performance and individual preferences. Swing Labs normalizes fitting data to allow recommendation and comparison of 6/7 iron performance, taking into account differences in launch, spin, speed, and distance.

Cart Fit
Advanced fitting modules such as Cart Fitting include the ability to customize Length and Lie Angle for Iron fittings and is particularly geared toward use of interchangeable fitting carts and custom head/shaft options offered by leading equipment manufacturers.

Event Fit
Swing Labs Event Tools can be used for corporate outings, member-guest, charity and other tournaments to provide a unique deliverable to event participants. Event tools also provide data capture and allow for promotion of additional instruction, fitting, and virtually any other product or services to event leads.